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Top Affiliate Programs
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Below is an updated list of the affiliate programs we've had the most success with for generating revenues for our clients, or our own sites.  As requested, we have started to detail specific examples of successful offers, including examples of the links themselves.  We plan to keep exp.anding this section of the resources site.

For those of you just starting, or looking to learn more about affiliate programs in general, you might want to first check out Getting Started with Affiliate Programs section.

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Top Affiliate Programs for Revenue Generation
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A classic example is Corey Rudl. Study how he does it. He was running an affiliate program before and he owes a lot of his $6 million a year revenue to the fact that he provides heaps of practical, helpful affiliate marketing advice. He has a huge number of loyal affiliates.  click here for more info

Websponsors has been my favorite as of late.
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Websponsors allows me to quickly offer my visitors free stuff and free memberships to FREE programs or similar deals, and make $1, $2, or even $10 per signup.  Choose well, and you'll get some VERY high conversion rates.  It is one of my top moneymakers because I can use it on pages where there is no obvious affiliate link possibility (like a music page to link to CDNow); it works with almost any kind of traffic.

My top offers are (usually spread in between content on my entertainment-related sites)::
Get 5 Sci-Fi Books for $1, plus 1 Book FREE! ($9 payoff)
Get 6 Mystery Books for 99 cents plus 1 Book FREE! ($9)
Get 4 audio books for only 1 cent at Audio Book Club! ($9)
Enter to Win Over a Million Dollars From! ($.40)
Play FREE games and WIN awesome prizes at! ($.75)

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Commission Junction
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I know it actually covers multiple merchants, but it is extremely well integrated with ONE MINIMUM for the ENTIRE account. This is EXTREMELY important for you newbies out there. This means that I can quickly pick and choose products across MANY merchants, and not worry about hitting minimums or taking months to get my checks.  Also, unlike with other aggregators, they protect affiliates against non-paying merchants (which the monthly checks help with). So I can grab a book from here, and a poster from there, and have a bunch of relevant stuff to offer... so, it ends up being a super-amazon of sorts. It is also multi-tiered, so that helps.

My top merchants on CJ are and some others, but I get a ton from lots of little programs, too... just search for the kind of products you want to sell.  Ebay is also in the network, and you get $4 per registration.

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Directleads is another one of my favorites, and very similar to on-response, with more "$ per signup" offers...
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return to menu - offer any or all of 50,000 posters to your visitors and get 20%-25% of every purchase made by your site visitors at their website. Plus, you get a free poster after your first sale.
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Nextcard pays $20-$27 per signup for their no-fee, low interest credit card

I simply place a "Nextcard Internet Visa - as low as 2.99% APR intro, 9.99% APR ongoing" text link on my sites, especially those shopping-related, and get very good results.  They have instant approval, which really puts this offer up there.
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Valueclick pays you $.12 for every click-through one of their ads on your site gets. That isn't amazingly high, but its a quick way to fill up unused space on a site, especially when you don't have or don't have the time to put up "specific" content. This is really good if you can't sell all your ad space...
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One and Only network

Also, I met the top affiliate from the One and Only network.  The gentleman cleared $1 million last year and got a free BMW, as he details when he spoke at the Refer-It convention I spoke at.  I haven't actively pushed these guys yet (I've never dabbled into the personals thing), but these guys are also very highly rated amongst the affiliate sites.
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QuickCommerce is an affiliate program for a service that lets merchants accept credit cards.  Depending on what kind of traffic you have (if it leans toward webmasters), this can be very a very good affiliate program.
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As for merchants, I've always had good success with Amazon and CDNow, but this can really depends on the type of content on your site(s). Barnes&Noble is a distant third.

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Fallen out of favor

  •'s affiliate program now sucks.  I went from making thousands a month and being one of their top affiliates, to likely under $100 a month.  They have really cut back on discount and special offers, and affiliate commissions are suffering for everyone (they told this to me).

Top Affiliate Programs for Generating Revenue
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